Pardon my use of the first person narrative. It was an experiment that probably turned out bad.

It is the sixth of august and I’ve just realized that I am not convinced with metroMe. I want to go minimalistic now. So the first thing I do is, Google “Minimalism”, no better way of starting something you have no idea of. Out of a zillion results, I play it safe by clicking the one from Wikipedia. I just skim over the article.

Back to Google, I type “Minimalist design websites”, press enter and am again greeted by a multitude of results, I skip over the top three to find “20 Inspiring Minimalist Web Designs”. That’s just what I need. Ctrl+Click on the link, Ctrl+Tab. Whistle while the article loads.

The article has links to 20 different websites with their screenshots, so you can decide for yourself. After checking out a few links and being convinced that I am not looking for anything like them, I find two could-come-in-handy sites, and as always, I bookmark them.

Scrolling down the same article, I find link to a seemingly similar article “19 Examples of Minimalistic Web Designs”, Couldn’t have asked for more. Without thinking for a second, I open it. And after going through some more links, I find this gem and It almost kills me. I know this is exactly what I want, Just know it.

Fifteen minutes in and I already have a homepage, not bad. Problem one solved. Which brings me to problem two: Where am I gonna put links to other sections of the site? The footer just seems unintuitive and I don’t want the traditional navigation bar design. This really is a problem and I am out of ideas. What’d I do?

Google. This time with a slight change of keywords “Minimalist web design”. I open an article called “Showcase of Super Clean Minimalist Web Designs”. The first link in the article solves the problem and I suddenly get a few ideas, I perfectly visualize them and am convinced that this is going somewhere.

That’s when I begin writing this article. And it takes me about an hour to write up till this very point. Writing is hard.