Quite evidently, there’s a lack of good apps for windows phone. I could do away with a lesser number of social networking options available but a decent ebook reader, come on, I just can’t live without one.

Thankfully, there’s Bookviser, having a sleek modern UI that just feels right.

It supports EPUB, FB2 and TXT formats, and If you are thinking I probably missed PDF by mistake, then let me welcome you to the world of Windows Phone. Here, you get less apps with even lesser features. But, t’is what it is.

When you open a book, you get clear instructions on how to flip across a book, where you need to tap etc. You can change font size, color, brightness without quitting the book. There’s also a bookmark feature which creates a cute little bookmark icon hanging on top to let you know that it’s a bookmarked page.

Last Opened Books displays a tile view of the books you recently read with their cover pages to help you recognize them easily. Right from here you will be able to manage them i.e. Pin to Start Menu, Delete or Open the book. Nice and Simple.

You can add new books by searching online catalogs, which include sites like Project Gutenberg and FeedBooks, or by directly downloading from the inbuilt web browser. None of these methods suit my needs. And this is where things get a bit frustrating…

I rely on skydrive to sync my books because it offers the flexibility to add books that I’ve downloaded from torrents (long live the pirates) or converted from a PDF. I upload the ePub file to skydrive and then sync it with the app. So basically, to add a book (from torrent) you first have to download it on your computer, then upload it to skydrive and then again download it on your device. Three times bandwidth usage. Sob.

I am wishing for an update that’d add features like - Adding a book from SD Card, PDF Support etc. Till then, can’t do anything but read another book.