I’ve made a few tweaks to sublime text, you know, to make life that bit easier.

  • Disabled Update Check. Duh!
  • Remove trailing spaces from your file using a setting.
  • Installed Package Control, Autohotkey, INI Syntax Packages
  • Added “Open With Sublime” to windows context menu. A REG File - Modifies settings in the registry but comes in handy. You can open any file, folder right from the explorer.
  • Ctrl+Shift+S - Runs any open file. Super Useful. Comes from an autohotkey script I wrote - Windows Helper. I’d share it once I clean up the code a bit.
  • SideBarEnhancements - Does what it says.

Emmet was the next plugin I installed, It is basically an abbreviation engine which allows you to expand expressions. Superb for high-speed HTML, or any other structured code format coding.

Gist is another plugin that comes in handy. You just have to type “create gist” in the command palette, the plugin does the rest and copies the url of the gist to clipboard, ready for sharing.