And it happened yet again I switched projects - something I often do.

This time it’s Cryptex - a game we’d thought of back in january but never actually got into building it.

Let me get into the details, Cryptex was originally a hacking challenge created by two of our seniors. Hammad bhai designed the online rounds while Vipul did the offline ones. I also created a level, although I was not really sure how it’d be used until I actually saw it in action.

I participated too, stood second, but the best thing that happened was - I thought of some really cool improvements that could be made. I knew that many features could be added which’ll make the game much more fun. I shared the idea with Shivam and he too was excited, we decided that we’d do the entire thing during the summer break, we even created a Trello board to gather ideas and all but….. procrastination got the best of us and nothing was ever done.

The project was shelved, until recently, when Shivam said he really wanted to do it.

Cryptex is going to be a complete Web Dev thing with loads of back-end stuff, and I too am interested in doing some PHP/MySQL shit, so I’ve decided to put miniMe on hold - it’s a personal project and i can return back anytime I want.

As of now, I’ll be developing Cryptex 2 along with Shivam and anybody else who is interested. I’ve never coded along with someone, so it’ll be fun. Let’s just hope for the best.