This post is half-baked currently. I plan to add links and screenshots of some applications. I also have to write brief reviews of each. Until next time…

This is a list of softwares that I use and collect. The idea has been ripped off from Scott Hanselman’s Epic List which is great, in every sense of the word, but it has some entries that I just didn’t like. Some apps included have better alternatives while some that I use just aren’t listed.

So here is my take on a power tools list.


This little thing is the single most important reason that I love windows so much. I write all sorts of hack-ware in it. One of my hack-wares is something that I just can’t live without - Windows Butler - which adds an array of hotkeys (among other things) that make my life easier.

Some people are of the opinion that remembering hotkeys is hard, and I feel that’s the whole point.

Always running

  1. f.lux
  2. Everything
  3. Launchy
  4. Manic Time
  5. Networx
  6. Listary
  7. Windows Butler

Programming and Developer

  1. Sublime Text
  2. Balsamic Mockups
  3. SpeedCrunch

A better command line experience

  1. Cmder
  2. Putty
  3. Gnu Utlities for Windows
  4. httpie
  5. jq
  6. ack, ag

Windows Addons

  1. QtTabBar for Windows Explorer
  2. Media Player Plus! for Windows Media Player

Firefox Extensions

  1. AdBlock Plus
  2. Ghostery
  3. Flashblock
  4. InstantFox
  5. VimFx
  6. Readability
  7. RSS Icon in awesomebar
  8. Firebug

Userscripts (for browsers)

  1. Straight Google
  2. Github news feed filter

For Music Buffs

  1. MusicBrainz Picard
  2. MP3Tag

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Teracopy
  2. SpaceSniffer
  3. Nirsoft Utilities
  4. SysInternal Tools
  5. Calibre
  6. Hexchat