This blog used to run on something called Wordpress until I decided to switch to something called Octopress which in turn is based on something called Jekyll.

The reason I made the switch is because Octopress suits my workflow better: Instead of writing posts in the browser (for Wordpress), I write markdown in Sublime Text and deploy the blog using Git. Just what I wanted.

The web is filled with posts on why and how to switch to octopress. You could read them for more reasons.

This is how the blog used to look:

Old Design of the Blog

With this post I am publishing a new design that I’ve been working on for quite some time. It started off with cleanpress and contains modifications to things I didn’t like.

This is how it looks now:

New Design of the Blog

On my Lumia 520 in Portrait Mode:

300 400 New Design Portrait

and in Landscape Mode:

New Design Landscape

I am fairly happy with the current iteration but there’s still a lot that can be updated. Here’s a todo list for the next version:

  • Get a landing page

  • Better typography:
    • Font face and size
    • Headings
    • Better link colors
  • The archives page ?
  • Change the blog menu

  • Font awesome icons
  • Create a favicon
  • Better ‘Read On’ button
  • Improved footer

  • Lazy load all images
  • Add Fancy box

  • Readability like ‘5 min read’ plugin (jekyll ?)

  • Date before article title

  • Add a Humans.txt

  • Bug: List items have messed up margins/paddings
  • Bug: Post sharing buttons don’t show up. Use Fontawesome for them.