I was writing the “About Me” section of my GSoC proposal.

Writing about oneself is hard (or so I think.) To make it a bit easier the MusicBrainz org page has a list of questions that you can answer.

One of the questions is “When did you first start programming?”

While looking for an answer I started digging into the online history I have created - the really old stuff. Here it is…

The ones I could find:

A post I wrote asking for help with an unattended installation of Windows XP. Oh boy! those were the days. I was working on something called “Shadab’s XP” which was to be the coolest OS ever and then Windows 7 launched :(

A not-so-old blog. Don’t even think of reading this crap. Apart from some software junk, it contains a few posts with horrible content.

The first piece of software I wrote.

A Youtube channel that contains junk.

Some rip-offs of old ThinkDigit magazines.