I need to write a weekly review e-mail every monday to the MB Devel Mailing list for my GSoC project. So, I thought I might as well post a full description of what I did during the week on the blog. I’m not sure if I’ll do it every week, but I feel like writing something right now, so here it goes.

This was an okay-ish week, I did some stuff, but could’ve done a lot more.

On Monday, I had a Linux Lab practical which went well as the shell scripts were too easy.

Tuesday was a big day as after the system software prac (which went well too) we decided to visit the Akshardham temple. And boy! was I surprised? The place in itself is beautiful but the level of detail and the technology used in the exhibitional tour that happens is truly mind blowing. You should really visit it, if you haven’t. I reached home at 12 that night, thanks to the fact that I and Shivam decided to just sit down (on the floor) of Rajeev Chowk metro station - laughing (at people running to catch their trains), pondering (on how shitty life gets as you grow old), drinking (a bottle of cold water.) It was all great!

Spent my wednesday on just two things - going to the hospital in morning (which dragged till late afternoon) and then shopping with mom in the evening.

On thursday, I came to Gurgaon. I don’t remember doing anything else that day. I think this might be a good time to open up ManicTime to help me with this post. Okay, ManicTime tells me that I spent most of the day watching random videos and movies. Shit!

The only thing I remember from Friday is the Devlabs meeting we had late that night. It was our first meeting and we discussed our course of action for the vacations. I also watched Kick-Ass 2 - the movie was okay.

Saturday was the day I started working on my gsoc project - specifically, I beefed up the Plugin related scripts. Late that night (about 2:00 AM) I discussed things with Michael (my GSoC mentor) and he cleared a lot of my doubts. I also deleted a lot of movies from my collection to stop me from procrastinating.

On Sunday, I kept on with my flow and worked on Picard’s download interface. Adding a simplistic feature to map already present plugins to those on the Github repo. Stuff also started happening on one of JDevLabs project - IdeaBin (which will be a website to store all ideas that come to our minds.) At about 10 that night, I was feeling really sleepy, until I started watching “Hasee toh Phasee” - which turned out to be a great movie (maybe I didn’t have any expectations from it.) After I finished it, I watched some scenes again, and again and there’s not a lot of movies I know that make me do that.

After my aunt left on Monday, I was all alone at home and watched TV (after so long) for about 5 hours. Nothing wastes your time like TV does. Didn’t code much that day. I filed my first Picard PR though, and got some stuff discussed. I wrote a short mail to MB-Devel to finish off the week.