This is the second post in my weekly review series - where I just write out whatever it was that I did during the week. Unlike the first one, I don’t really feel writing this one, but am doing it just because I don’t want to break the chain.

This feels like such a long week, mostly because I started off in Gurgaon and am now writing this in Roorkee.

On tuesday morning I decided that I won’t do anything GSoC related that day, so I just spent time writing the previous post, commenting on Github Issues and chilling out with two of my best friends.

I spent the entire wednesday working on the design of the new Picard website. Designing something from scratch is a really hard thing - not something a guy like me can pull off, so being the thief that I am, I just copied the design (& code) from Bootstrap’s site itself. Slick eh!

Where wednesday was great, thursday was awful (atleast it started out that way), all because I decided to watch a crappy movie - Mickey Virus. The thing is, I knew right from the start that the movie was a bad one, but I watched it anyway. Late that night, a great thing happened - I recieved a Pull reqeuest by Pankaj bhai on a Chrome plugin I’d written some time ago. He had turned the code into a userscript that worked on Firefox as well (something I wanted to do for a long time.) I worked all night on that script and slept at 4 am, when it finally worked. You can have a look at it here

On friday, I first gave finishing touches to the Repo-Size script I was working on last night and after I was done with it, I had Amit and Ravi come over again. We just spent the day watching movies. At night though, I started working on yet another userscript - which will be used to import releases from Amazon into MusicBrainz.

I accompanied my uncle to his office on Saturday. I was there till about 4 after which we left for Roorkee. Apart from that, nothing worth mentioning happened that day.

Sunday went great as I completed my MusicBrainz script and then watched Highway at night. The movie was quite good. I just loved some of the locations. Randeep Hooda acted almost flawlessy (and so did Alia.)

I made some final updates to the Import-from-Amazon script, pushed some changes to the Picard website and then wrote the MB Devel mail. I spent the night tinkering with a new script that will import data from the official TSeries website.