The last post I wrote on this blog was in June ‘15. A lot has happened in my life since then.

Aug ‘15:

  • Finished my second GSoC with MetaBrainz
  • Had a memorable birthday-cum-gsoc party at Taco Bell.

Oct ‘15:

  • Got my ass kicked in an interview by Zomato
    • Failed to reverse a linked list and stumbled in coding a square root calculator (binary search.)
  • Compiled geeksforgeeks pages into a PDF and started practicing.

Nov ‘15:

  • Got placed in Opera Solutions.

Dec ‘15:

  • Decided to appear for GATE’16 and started studying.

Jan ‘16:

  • Stopped preparing for GATE and decided to focus on GSoC once more.
  • Started contributing to mitmproxy.

Mar ‘16:

  • Went to Singapore with Chaitu to attend FOSSASIA.
  • Deliverd a talk there.

Apr ‘16:

  • Got placed in Adobe.

May ‘16:

  • Got selected for GSoC a third time; under The HoneyNet Project.

Jun ‘16:

  • Joined Adobe.

Aug ‘16:

  • Wrapped up the GSoC project successfully.

Sep ‘16:

  • Realized that the job at Adobe was not really for me and decided to quit.

  • Decided to prepare for GATE’17.

Oct ‘16:

  • Attended PyCon India @ JNU Delhi.

Feb ‘17:

  • Gave GATE’17.

Mar ‘17:

  • Found that I got AIR 59 in GATE. Yay!